Make The Move To Spain
With Financial Confidence

A Comprehensive 3-Hour Masterclass With In-Depth Financial
And Tax Insights For A Stress-Free Transition To Spain

Date: 10th October, 2024 10am-1pm UK Time

Minimizing Your Tax Liabilities When You Exit The UK

Restructuring your financial assets to minimize your tax burden in Spain

Understanding the 2021 Spanish Tax Rules on UK Pension Transfers

Spain tax and the expat finance maze solved for you

Starting a new life in Spain should be exhilarating, rich with opportunities and new beginnings. Yet, the financial aspects can be downright overwhelming. Tax implications, investment transitions, residency requirements, property acquisition - it’s enough to make your head spin. That’s why we’ve devised a Masterclass with everything you need to turn this potential nightmare into a smooth and stress-free process.

Moving to Spain from the UK?
Why you can’t afford to miss this masterclass:

You will…

  • Ease the stress of managing cross-border finances
  • Know how to exit the UK tax efficiently
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Spain’s residency laws
  • Explore the visa options and special tax regimes like Beckham Law to reduce your tax burden
  • Have confidence you’re making the right lifestyle choices
  • Feel better prepared with all the essential information you need
  • Know how to secure your assets for the future, including for those who depend on you
  • Integrate smoothly into your new environment
  • Receive completely unbiased advice tailored to your expat needs

Your path to successful Spanish tax residency

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Learn from the experts:

Master the tax, financial and legal nuances that apply when you consider relocating to Spain

Empower your future:

Settle in Spain smoothly using your newfound knowledge to move with confidence

Start your new life in Spain with financial confidence

No one should miss out on opportunities when they relocate to Spain because they unknowingly followed poor advice. At Fiduciary Wealth Management, we see people fall into the relocation pitfalls all the time and we’re here to help you avoid all of them so your new life in Spain is as stress-free as possible.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from our Masterclass:

  • An overview of Spain and its differences to the UK
  • Lifestyle and cultural considerations
  • Safety, schooling and healthcare in Spain
  • Visa residency options for British Citizens including special tax regimes like the Beckham Law
  • Understanding how Spanish tax works
  • Common pitfalls and advantages of relocating to Spain
  • Reviewing UK pensions and UK pension transfers
  • Ensuring your UK investments are suitable for living in Spain
  • UK domicile, UK inheritance tax laws as well as estate and succession planning
  • Exiting the UK, the UK statutory residency test and principal private residence relief on selling your UK main residence

Date of experience: March 29, 2021

Super service

I’m an expat living in Spain and had questions regarding my tax situation with having both property and money in the UK and Spain. I paid Fiduciary Wealth for an advice letter upfront putting my faith in people I had never met! I received a very detailed and informative report from them that I was extremely impressed with and very grateful to receive. They have been professional quick to respond and helpful, I am just sorry I didn’t find them sooner.

I highly recommend them.

Moving to Spain masterclass:
Your passport to financial clarity

Our seasoned cross-border experts have helped hundreds of expatriates settle in Spain with ease – confident in the knowledge they have an expert by their side to help manage every aspect of their finances efficiently. We’ve now taken our many years of experience and packed these practical insights into a Masterclass that leaves no stone unturned. Whether you’re planning to retire in Spain, relocate your family for employment or self employment purposes, or set up your business here, we’ll give you the lowdown you need on tax, financial and retirement planning and more, all tailored to the unique expat landscape here.


Considering living in Spain? We’re your trusted partners in guiding your financial transition

Relocating to a new country comes with a myriad of challenges. At Fiduciary Wealth Management, we’re committed to guiding you through this transition, providing our clients with independent advice and exceptional customer care. We’re here to ensure your move to Spain is as financially seamless as it is exciting. In our Masterclass, attendees will have the chance to ask questions about relocating. When you upgrade to a VIP ticket, you’ll also be invited to join a dedicated follow-on Q&A session where you can ask personal questions about your own circumstances to put your mind at ease.

Your Spain relocation masterclass agenda in full

10th October 2024, 10am-1pm UK Time Via Zoom

Introduction to Spain and it's Differences to the UK

Provide an overview of Spain's history and highlight its differences to the UK, laying the groundwork for the Masterclass.

Importance of Lifestyle Considerations

Emphasise the importance of visiting Spain to experience its culture and lifestyle first-hand, while also discussing key considerations for living in Spain.

Safety, Schooling and Healthcare in Spain

Address safety concerns, delve into schooling options, and provide clarity on the healthcare system in Spain.

Visa Residency Options for British Citizens

Explore the various residency options available in Spain for British citizens Post-Brexit, including special tax regimes like the Beckham Law.

Understanding How Spanish Tax Works

Discuss Spain’s taxation system, highlighting key tax benefits for residents and practical insights for tax planning.

Reviewing UK Pensions And UK Pension Transfers

Examine options for reviewing UK pensions, the implications of the UK Pension Scheme Act 2021, the introduction of an Overseas Transfer Charge and understanding the 2021 Spanish Tax Ruling on UK Pension Transfers.

Ensuring your UK investments are suitable for living in Spain


A review of UK savings, investments and pensions compared to the alternative options in Spain to ensure your tax planning is optimised to make the most of the Spanish tax system.

Key Tax Issues to Consider when Exiting the UK and Moving to Spain

Explore estate and succession planning considerations specific to Spain, such as UK domicile and UK inheritance tax laws as well as UK exit implications, the UK statutory residency test and principal private residence relief on the sale of your UK main residence.

The Common Pitfalls and Advantages of Relocating to Spain

Highlight common pitfalls to avoid when relocating to Spain, while also emphasising the advantages and opportunities Spain offers for individuals and families.

A Brief Question & Answer Session


You can leave your questions on the chat box and we can try to answer a few questions provided these are straightforward and of a generic nature.



VIP ticket holders will receive a document with all the questions asked during the Masterclass with expert answers – an invaluable reference tool for anyone thinking of relocating to Spain.


VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed a priority place in future masterclasses and seminars before they are opened to the general public.


VIP ticketholders will be granted exclusive access to a Digital Resource Library dedicated to relocating to Spain. This includes a curated collection of video guides, eBooks, and articles related to financial planning and settling into life in Spain, as well as recommendations for essential contacts such as letting and property agents.


For those seeking more personalised insights, VIP attendees have the exclusive opportunity to participate in an additional 90-minutes of direct engagement with the presenter. This separate Q&A session allows for tailored discussions and specific questions to be answered that relate to individual situations.


Image of 10 Common Mistakes Book

Free guide – 10 common mistakes to avoid when moving to Spain

Moving to Spain should be a thrilling adventure, not overshadowed by the complexity of its tax and financial regulations. With so much at stake, expert guidance is essential. Ensure your transition is smooth and stress-free with our guide, which outlines the ten most common mistakes British expats make when relocating to Spain. Don’t fall foul of the pitfalls. Get the clear advice and the solid understanding you need to embrace your new life in beautiful Spain with confidence.

Date of experience: July 10, 2023

“Paul was excellent in helping us to understand the complexities and risk involved with our proposed move. He gave balanced impartial advice and at no time did he try to sell us services until we decide if this is the right course of action” - Mark

What you can expect to gain from our masterclass in relocating to Spain

This in-depth Masterclass is ideal for anyone thinking of moving to Spain. You may be an entrepreneur looking to relocate, an executive moving with your job and your young family or a retiree looking to move to Spain. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you complete this powerful Masterclass.

Maximise Your Tax Benefits

Discover how to maximise your tax benefits and also minimise your tax liabilities on your exit from the UK, with strategic tax planning specific to Spain’s unique system. Learn the ins and outs of residency rights and how they can favourably impact your tax obligations, potentially saving you a significant amount of money annually.

Streamline Financial Transitions

Ease the stress of managing cross-border finances by understanding the essentials of growing, protecting and passing your wealth. Our Masterclass guides you through the complexities of moving your wealth efficiently and securely, ensuring a smooth financial transition to your new home.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

This session will explore potential investment avenues that align with your financial goals, whether you’re a retiree seeking stability or an entrepreneur looking for growth.

Understand Residency Options

Gain a thorough understanding of Spain’s residency options and special tax regimes to leverage benefits like a lower burden of tax. This knowledge is crucial for planning your long-term stay and securing your financial future in Spain.

Navigate Property Markets

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, get expert insights into Spain’s property market. This includes key considerations on location, value, and the pros and cons of buying versus renting, tailored to help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

Plan for Your Legacy

Succession planning is made simple with our expert advice. Learn how to secure your assets for future generations and navigate the legal landscape of estate planning in Spain, ensuring your legacy is preserved according to your wishes.

Adapt to Local Culture

Integrate smoothly into your new environment with first-hand knowledge about Spain’s culture, lifestyle and community norms. This makes your transition not just a financial move, but a full, enriching life change.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Explore what life in Spain has to offer beyond the financial benefits. From dining and entertainment to outdoor activities, understand how living in Spain can enrich your personal and social life.

Prepare for Schooling Needs

For families moving with children, get a comprehensive overview of the educational system in Spain. Learn about the best schooling options to ensure your children continue to receive a quality education.

Receive Unbiased Advice

Fiduciary Wealth Management is completely independent and product-agnostic. This means you receive advice that’s truly tailored to your needs as an expatriate, without any bias towards specific products or services.

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  • Resource Access: Receive a selection of hand-picked resources to get started on your relocation journey.


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About your masterclass hosts

Fiduciary Wealth Management specialises in expatriate financial advice. We never underestimate the significance of our responsibility when offering tax planning, retirement planning and wealth management advice to people relocating to Spain – that’s why we always take time to fully understand your needs first and foremost.

Relationships come first with us. We believe you should have complete confidence that your trusted adviser is always looking after your best interests. We are solution-focused, so people choose our service for the right reasons and develop authentic relationships with us.

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You’re never just an account number. We take time to simplify complicated financial matters so you have a clear understanding of our recommendations. In fact, our commitment to excellence is industry-renowned. At the end of 2023, Fiduciary Wealth Management was named ‘Best International Wealth Management Practice of the Year’ by MGI Worldwide. But you don’t have to take our word for it – you can see for yourself on Trustpilot where our service is rated 4.7/5.

  • We are not a fly-by-night firm that will be gone when you need them most. We’re affiliated with ISOLAS, Gibraltar’s longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892 and are a member firm of MGI Worldwide - a top 20 globally-ranked network of independent accounting, tax, legal and consulting firms.
  • We are completely independent and are not bound by corporate restrictions. We have unrestricted access to a wide range of products including niche ones that may be far better suited to your particular needs. We never present strategies and products to you unless they are ideally suited to your unique personal circumstances.

Our customer-focused approach has been refined by our directors Paul Correa and Matt Penfold (your Masterclass hosts) who have listened to what matters most to our clients. This dedication has resulted in a service that offers complete transparency and peace of mind at every level. As a result, our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they need to.



We are a member of MGI Worldwide, a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, accounting, tax, legal, and consulting firms, which brings together the expertise of over 8,000 professionals in some 400 locations around the world.

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We are closely affiliated with ISOLAS, Gibraltar’s longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892.

Fiduciary Wealth is honoured to announce our recognition as the recipient of the MGI Worldwide 2023 Best International Wealth Management Practice of the Year Award. As an acclaimed financial advisory firm, we are committed to addressing the financial needs of the English-speaking community around the globe with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Frequently asked questions about our Spain Relocation Masterclass

What are the tax implications of moving to Spain?

Moving to Spain can have various tax implications depending on your residency status, sources of income, and the specific tax regulations in Spain. Here are some key tax implications to consider:

Residency Status: If you become a tax resident in Spain, you will generally be subject to Spanish taxation on your worldwide income and assets. The determination of residency status is based on factors such as the number of days spent in Spain, family ties, and economic interests. It's important to understand the residency rules and consult with a tax professional to assess your specific situation.

Can I live in Spain but pay taxes in the UK?

The tax implications for individuals living in Spain but paying taxes in the UK can be complex and depend on various factors. Generally, if you are a tax resident in Spain, you are required to pay taxes in Spain on your worldwide income. However, if you are a UK resident for tax purposes and can claim the status of a non-resident in Spain, you may be able to continue paying taxes in the UK. It is crucial to seek professional advice from a tax expert who is knowledgeable about both UK and Spanish tax regulations to understand your specific situation and ensure compliance with the relevant tax laws.

What are the tax residency rules and how do they impact my tax obligations in Spain?

Tax residency rules in Spain determine whether you are considered a tax resident in the country and, consequently, impact your tax obligations. Here's an overview of the tax residency rules for an individual with residency in Spain and their implications:

Residency Test: In Spain, tax residency is primarily determined by the "183-day rule." If you spend 183 days or more in Spain within a calendar year, you are generally considered a tax resident. However, even if you spend fewer than 183 days in Spain, you may still be deemed a tax resident if your primary or economic interests are located in Spain, such as your family, employment, or business activities.

Worldwide Income Taxation: As a tax resident in Spain, you are subject to taxation on your worldwide income. This includes income earned from employment, self-employment, rental properties, capital gains, dividends, and other sources. It's important to declare and pay taxes on all relevant income, regardless of whether it originates in Spain or abroad.

Can I continue to use my UK Financial Adviser?

In most cases it is not possible to continue using your UK financial adviser while living in Spain. Firstly, check if your financial adviser is authorized to provide services to clients residing outside of the UK. Some advisers may have the necessary qualifications or licenses to offer international services. Secondly, be aware that there may be limitations in terms of their knowledge of Spanish tax laws and regulations. It's recommended to work with a financial adviser who has expertise in both UK and Spanish tax matters or consider seeking the assistance of a local financial adviser who can provide guidance specific to your situation in Spain. This will ensure that you receive comprehensive advice and take into account any applicable tax implications or other factors relevant to your expatriate status.

Is your service restricted to British Nationals?

No, our services are not restricted to British nationals. We provide assistance and support to expats from various countries, including but not limited to British nationals, who are living in Spain or planning to relocate there. Our services are designed to cater to the needs of a diverse range of expatriates, irrespective of their nationality. Whether you require guidance on legal matters, advice on tax in Spain, or general information about living in Spain as an expat, our team is here to help you navigate the complexities and provide valuable assistance regardless of your nationality.