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Discover the Best Cities to Retire in Spain: A Guide for British Expats. Image

Discover the Best Cities to Retire in Spain: A Guide for British Expats.

September 06, 2023

Dream Cities for British Expats: Picking the Perfect Place to Live in Spain


Are you a British expat considering the allure of retiring in Spain? The sun-soaked country offers an array of enchanting cities, each with its unique charm and appeal. From the vibrant culture to the affordable cost of living, Spain presents a diverse range of options for expats seeking their ideal destination. Explore the finest cities to move to and begin your new chapter in Spain with confidence.


Barcelona: Where Culture Meets Business


Barcelona, a Mediterranean gem, lures expats with its magnetic blend of culture and commerce. With a population of 1.62 million, it's a global city brimming with opportunities. The biotech and transport sectors thrive here, making it a haven for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Barcelona's innovative spirit aligns with new talent and technology.


Experience the affordable side of Barcelona:


- Pint of beer – €3.00 (£2.70)

- Cappuccino – €1.80 (£1.61)

- Restaurant meal – €12 (£10.79)

- Monthly public transport pass – €40 (£35.97)


Besides business, Barcelona enchants with its coastal beauty and architectural marvels like the iconic Sagrada Familia. Immerse yourself in the city's captivating lifestyle, vibrant festivals and scenic beaches.


Palma: A Gem in the Balearic Islands


Nestled on Mallorca, Palma entices with its fusion of history and modernity. Home to 456,088 residents, it's the cultural and economic epicenter of the Balearic Islands. Moorish architecture, gothic cathedrals, and cobbled streets create Palma's distinct ambiance.


Discover Palma's allure:


- Pint of beer – €2.50 (£2.22)

- Cappuccino – €2.07 (£1.84)

- Restaurant meal – €15 (£13.32)

- Monthly public transport pass – €30 (£26.64)


Accessible and dynamic, Palma boasts international schools, hospitals, and vibrant transport links. Indulge in the island's beauty while benefiting from Fiduciary Wealth's expert guidance.


Malaga: Gateway to Costa del Sol


Malaga, the gateway to Costa del Sol, embodies tradition and modernity. This ancient city's classical charm melds seamlessly with its bustling commerce and nightlife. From historic quarters to the contemporary Pompidou Centre, Malaga offers a myriad of experiences.


Explore Malaga's affordability:


- Pint of beer – €2.25 (£2.02)

- Cappuccino – €1.52 (£1.36)

- Restaurant meal – €10 (£8.79)

- Monthly public transport pass – €39.95 (£35.85)


Malaga's blend of cosmopolitan flair and coastal beauty makes it appealing for young professionals, families, and retirees. Indulge in its vibrant atmosphere and serene beaches.


Valencia: The Expat's Dream Destination


Forbes Magazine crowns Valencia as the best city to live in globally, boasting exceptional quality of life. With accolades in the Expat City Ranking 2022, Valencia offers affordable public transport and recreational sports opportunities. Safety and vibrant community spirit embrace expats.




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Fiduciary Wealth accompanies your Spanish transition with personalized financial advice. Elevate your move to Spain, enrich your retirement and experience the beauty of these remarkable cities.


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