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Exploring the Best Cities to Move to in Portugal for British Expats. Image

Exploring the Best Cities to Move to in Portugal for British Expats.

September 01, 2023

Finding Your Haven: British Expats' Guide to the Top Cities in Portugal


For British expats seeking to embrace a new chapter of life, Portugal beckons with its captivating charm, vibrant culture and enticing lifestyle. Delving into the diverse cities of Portugal unveils a world of possibilities for residency, retirement and enriching experiences. Explore the best cities to move to and pave your path to a fulfilling life in Portugal.


Lisbon: Where Heritage Meets Opportunity


Lisbon, Portugal's charismatic capital, emerges as a beacon of choice for many expats. A harmonious blend of historical marvels, Mediterranean zest, and professional prospects, Lisbon casts its spell on those yearning for more. From the bustling Bairro Alto to the tranquil Avenidas Novas, the city caters to various lifestyles.


For professionals, Lisbon opens doors to thriving industries, including property, IT, and aerospace. Families find solace in the enchanting Alfama neighbourhood, the oldest district in the city. Lisbon's sun-kissed ambiance sets the stage for outdoor adventures, with stunning beaches beckoning nearby.


Embracing Life's Pleasures in Lisbon:


- Pint of beer – €2 EUR (£1.80)

- Cappuccino – €1.62 EUR (£1.47)

- Restaurant meal – €8 EUR (£7.23)

- Monthly public transport pass – €40 EUR (£36.17)


Seize the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks such as St. George's Castle and experience the world-renowned Pastéis de Nata. Dive into Lisbon's rich cultural scene, from historic sites to modern art galleries, while relishing the warmth of a Mediterranean lifestyle.


Faro: A Haven of Tranquillity


For those embracing a more serene lifestyle, Faro offers respite amidst the captivating Algarve region. Balancing city charm with natural beauty, Faro encapsulates the essence of relaxation. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, beaches, and golf courses, the city fosters a tranquil outdoor way of life.


Connectivity remains unparalleled, with internal flights to Lisbon, Porto and Spain. Embrace Faro's affordability while savouring its offerings:


- Pint of beer – €2.25 EUR (£2.70)

- Cappuccino – €1.90 EUR (£3.05)

- Restaurant meal – €9.50 EUR (£15.30)

- Monthly public transport pass – €32 EUR (£25.65)


Stroll through Faro's historic old town, where cobblestone streets lead to charming squares and historical monuments. Engage in vibrant cultural festivals, explore Ria Formosa Natural Park, and enjoy the tranquility of Algarve's coastal beauty.


Porto: The Artistry of Elegance


Porto, nestled along the northwest coast, epitomizes artistry and elegance. Revered for its iconic port wine production, Porto invites exploration along the picturesque Douro River. Ribeira's cobblestone streets lead to vibrant coffee shops, restaurants, and colorful houses.


Discover Porto's affordability and bask in its charm:


- Pint of beer – €2 EUR (£1.80)

- Cappuccino – €1.58 EUR (£1.42)

- Restaurant meal – €7 EUR (£6.30)

- Monthly public transport pass – €35 EUR (£31.45)


Expats relish settling in Foz de Douro for family tranquillity or opting for Vila Nova de Gaia's vibrant professional hub. With easy access to beaches, Porto offers a harmonious blend of urban living and laid-back ambiance.


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