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Fiduciary Wealth Management Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 1 2023

February 27, 2023

Welcome to a growing community of British expats who have engaged our services for help and advice regarding their financial affairs. We remain unashamedly passionate about positively shaping the wealth of the British expatriate community through tax led wealth management advice. We cannot wait to start sharing exclusive content with you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.


Warm Regards,


Paul Correa

Managing Director




Launch of a Client Portal


July 2022 was an exciting month for the company after successfully launching our ‘Client Personal Finance Portal’ which enables clients and prospects to log in from anywhere, at any time, using any device, to overview and manage their total net worth from a secure central online location.



Based on the latest technology and integration partnerships, the portal allows you to view all your assets including bank accounts, properties, credit card balances and savings in addition to your pensions and investments; on a live basis.


The client portal may also be used as a cloud-based document storage area to keep all your financial documents in a secure location.


You may also communicate with us via the fully encrypted messaging service which is both safe and convenient. In addition, the secure messaging centre provides you with investment alerts, research information and relevant market news.


The Money & Finance For Expats Podcast


In November 2022 we also launched a weekly Expat Podcast aimed at the British Expat community in the Iberian Peninsula.


The host is Carl Munson who has over 30 years’ experience in community, radio and podcasting. Before coming to Portugal Carl worked for one of UK’s oldest charities, where he created an online radio station for people with disabilities.



We cover everything you need to know about Money, Personal Finance, the Economy, Investments, Financial Markets and Taxation.


There is an opportunity to engage with the panel and ask any questions or post comments as well as contact the team for a private discovery meeting.


Its unmissable, refreshingly honest, informative, demystifies finance and provides helpful tips and information to help the British community with their finances in The Iberian Peninsula.


We are working tirelessly to improve the service and add more value to the expat communities who we are immensely proud and privileged to serve.


The podcast is streamed live every Wednesday morning at 11AM UK Time (12 Noon CET) and available on your favourite podcasting platform as well as FWM YouTube channel. To subscribe please click the button below:






We are pleased to announce that Clemencia Lopez joined the company in January 2023 as Business Support. She provides general administration and compliance support to the back-office team.


Clemencia has enjoyed a successful career in banking spanning more than 30 years working at ABN AMRO and SG Hambros and specialising in finance and administration.


In her spare time Clemencia enjoys cross-stitch and travelling.




Register for our upcoming Webinars on:


Wednesday 22nd March @ 10AM UK Time

Insightful views about the macro economic environment, inflation, central bank monetary policy, financial markets and investment strategies to protect wealth in uncertain economic times.




Thursday 23rd March @ 10AM UK Time

Discover the tax benefits of investing in a Spanish Bond. A new irresistable offer for British expats to protect your wealth in Spain at a lower price.




Thursday 23rd March @ 2PM UK Time

Discover the tax benefits of investing in a Portuguese bond. A new irresistable offer for British expats to protect your wealth in Portugal at a lower cost - with less complexity and exceptional added value.




Wednesday 19th April @ 10AM UK Time

The insider secrets about moving to Portugal under the non-habitual residence regime.




Thursday 20th April @ 10AM UK Time

Key financial considerations when you move to Gibraltar from the UK.




Wednesday 3rd May @ 10AM UK Time

Introducing a whole new way of restructuring your finances in Spain; whether you are planning on moving or already living in Spain.




Thursday 4th May @ 10AM UK Time

The best way to restructure your finances in Portugal whether you are planning on moving or already living in Portugal.




Tuesday 9th May @ 10AM UK Time

Discover how British expats can pay less tax and legitimately reduce any POTE3. NTIAL UK inheritance tax liabilities using a QNUPS.




Thursday 11th May @ 10AM UK Time

Listen in to experts discussing the tax differences between UK and Gibraltar and how you too can take advantage of a benign tax environment.




Register your interest in Booking a Private Consultation in:


12th – 14th March Accra, Ghana


15th – 16th March London, UK


27th – 31st March Costa Blanca, Spain


24th – 28th April Algarve & Lisbon, Portugal






Relaunch of our Spanish & Portuguese Compliant Bonds!


We are excited to inform you that a massively improved version of the Spanish and Portuguese Compliant Bonds is now available. We have integrated ‘key additional benefits’ at no extra cost to create a superior product which is recognizably better than anything else in the marketplace.


We have aptly termed these products ‘The Alpha Star Service’ since we are providing significantly more value for less costs.


We are also eliminating complexity to make the product simpler and easier to use whilst reducing the establishment costs by half. We were already one of the cheapest providers in the marketplace but this ‘insane price offer’ is unmatched and provides exceptional value for money.


What is our price offer to you?


Establish a Bond for just 1% payable in advance.


Additional Free Benefits


We produce a ‘Cash flow Analysis Report’ for you to ensure you have sufficient capital to either sustain your lifestyle in retirement, preserve wealth for your heirs or meet end of life care costs – whatever your priority is.

We help you plan an orderly UK exit and assess the impact of ‘The UK Statutory Residency Test’ and advise accordingly.

We review your UK Domicile status and assess any potential liability to UK Inheritance Tax and advise on tax mitigation options.

We deliver to you a comprehensive Pre - Arrival ‘Tax Planning Strategy Report’ which covers all your relevant tax, financial and retirement planning issues.

We will also advise you on the timing of the sale of your UK main residence to secure UK capital gains tax exemptions.


The minimum investment amount is £250,000 however a very competitive price offer will also be available for lower amounts.


For further information about this exceptional offer, please contact our New Business Team today on Tel:+44 207 998 0570 or email enquiries@fwm.gi




Individuals who are planning to leave the UK can get carried away with excitement and forget how important it is to plan an orderly exit from the UK. All your energy and focus flows towards ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to your new country of residence. Whilst you obsess with maximizing tax efficiency in your new country of residence you can easily neglect some potential UK tax savings.


You need to consider selling your UK main residence whilst CGT exemptions for principal private residence relief remains in place. You have a nine months window of opportunity after formally exiting the UK to sell your property to qualify for non-resident capital gains exemption relief. Thereafter, the exemptions get diluted. You need to give some careful consideration to your exit strategy to ensure you maximize the tax benefits on your way out not just on arrival.


For further information about this exceptional offer, please contact our New Business Team today on Tel:+44 207 998 0570 or email enquiries@fwm.gi



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