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It's a Wrap

March 14, 2019

How would you like to put your investments into an account where tax is deferred until you make a withdrawal (tax deferred is the next best thing to paying no tax my old economics teacher used to tell me), that only suffer tax proportionately on the gain when you do make a withdrawal, that may help reduce any liability to Spanish succession tax and will keep your money safe from all those nasty surprises that a bank default might deliver?

Well as my friends in the film industry like to say “it’s a wrap”. Seriously a wrap, in other words a Spanish compliant tax wrapper can do all of that and a lot more besides. “Ah” you say there must be a catch, “you money grabbing financial advisers will be charging an arm and a leg if I invest in one of these and wont I have to put my money into some weird alternative fund that promises a massive return if lots of new trees suddenly spring up in the desert?”

Of course you may just have hit the nail on the head; there is an entry cost for investing in a tax compliant bond and some financial advisers will charge up to 7% of your initial investment for the privilege as well as look to invest your funds in alternative investments that will then pay another chunk of commission. Beginning to sound a bit expensive?

We like to do things a bit differently at Fiduciary Wealth. For a limited period of time we are prepared to offer you a discount of up to 50% of the initial fee, that's right the entry charge will be significantly lower than many other advisory firms charge, and as always we will carefully select a portfolio of investment funds for you from a wide range of well-known and respected fund managers to match your very own risk profile and expectations.

The one thing our certified financial planners won’t do is leave you high and dry when it comes to managing your investments on a long term basis. You see we don’t intend to just sell you a product and walk away like so many firms will do. We want to build a relationship with you and provide you with ongoing advice so that when market conditions change or when your attitude to risk becomes different than at outset we can be there to advise you and make alternative recommendations.

The tax wrapper has a lot going for it, particularly in an era of transparency where it is nigh on impossible to hold investments without disclosing them to the local tax authorities. Isn’t the next best thing a product that is validated by the government and provides an immediate shelter from tax?

All this and a significant discount on the entry price. That my friends is certainly a “wrap”. To arrange a meeting with a financial planner to set up your own discounted tax wrapper telephone 900 102 374 or email enquiries@fiduciarywealth.gi.