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Moving to Portugal – A tax friendly home for expats Image

Moving to Portugal – A tax friendly home for expats

November 26, 2021

Have you been contemplating moving to Portugal, considered by many as one of the most popular relocation destinations for British expats? It is worth bearing in mind that all your worldwide income is subject to tax if you reside there. However, obtaining non-habitual residency in Portugal is hugely beneficial offering a favourable, tax friendly regime.


The scheme has a lot to offer, one example is that under the NHR scheme, pension income is taxed at 10% although this can be even lower if structured correctly.


Relocating from the UK can be a daunting experience and it is important to take professional advice, to ensure that your finances are reviewed and arranged correctly to suit your new country of residence. Please contact our financial planning experts who will discuss with you the options available for those who are considering moving to Portugal from the UK.


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