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Pension Consolidation – Is it time to review your pensions?

October 29, 2021

Are you a person who, over your working life has accrued savings in occupational and personal pension schemes and it is hard for you to keep track of everything?


Having multiple pensions schemes can lead to additional costs and complication in having to track all of them. Furthermore, different rules on accessing benefits can apply to each of your pension plans which makes tax planning more complex.  


We can help you to review your existing pension arrangements and explore the option of consolidating these into one scheme. If you are a British expat it may be in your best interests to transfer your existing schemes to an overseas pension to benefit from a more efficient tax structure on income withdrawals.


If you contact our pension experts then we can start the process of reviewing your existing pensions and we will provide you with full information on the options available and how they best suit your individual circumstances.


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