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Planning for Retirement

January 07, 2022

You have worked hard all your life to accumulate your wealth and as you are approaching retirement you are likely to have many questions in your head.


Do you have enough wealth to sustain your lifestyle in retirement? Would it be best to start to drawdown your pension plan now or later? Should you review your investment strategy and financial risk management? You may be an expat returning to the UK or looking to relocate from the UK but are  unsure about how you will be taxed? Are you taking advantage of all tax planning products available to you?


As retirement and tax planning experts, we can help you answer all of the above questions and more.


If you contact our experts today, we can review your circumstances and provide a tailored retirement plan and investment advice to ensure comfort as you move into retirement.


Give us a call today on +44 207 998 0570 or e-mail enquiries@fwm.gi to book your free, no obligation consultation to discuss your specific cross-border financial planning needs.