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Property or Stock Market Investment?

January 13, 2020

Many Expat clients tell us that they prefer to purchase or hold UK property rather than invest in other financial products. In the good old days there may well have been some merit in this strategy from a tax perspective but over recent years any tax benefits of investing in property in the UK have been gradually eroded.

  • UK residential property is always subject to IHT
  • UK property ownership can make you UK domiciled and subject your worldwide assets to UK IHT.
  • UK investment property is subject to increased stamp duty on purchase.
  • UK residential property can be subject to capital gains tax on sale by Expatriates.
  • UK property often has prohibitive entry and exit costs in terms of professional fees.

Compare this to investing in funds via an offshore platform with low establishment costs, where your assets can be held outside of the UK in an IHT friendly structure, taxed locally at a potentially favourable rate and with a good deal of flexibility thrown in as well when it comes to accessing your capital.

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