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Safeguarding Expat Futures: Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for British Expats in Portugal Image

Safeguarding Expat Futures: Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for British Expats in Portugal

October 04, 2023

Navigating Expat Realities: A Shift Towards Wellbeing Benefits.


The landscape of expat expectations has undergone a transformative shift over the past decade. A notable transition towards prioritizing health and wellbeing benefits among overseas workers has become apparent. Since 2012, over 50% of HR directors have reported an upsurge in demand for such benefits among expatriate employees. This change is echoed by the expat workforce itself, with a quarter expressing heightened expectations from their employers in this sphere compared to five years ago. While some employers have embraced this evolution, a significant proportion still lag behind, with only a third of HR directors acknowledging the need for enhanced benefits.


Responsive to Change: A Need for Adaptation.

The call for flexible working hours and quality international private medical insurance (IPMI) has gained prominence as expats prioritize comprehensive security. This trend is poised to intensify, as 33% of HR directors anticipate an expansion of overseas employees in the next five years, with a substantial 80% envisioning European destinations as their work arenas. Notably, IPMI has emerged as a linchpin of expat security, with two-thirds of recipients deeming it indispensable for their overseas ventures. Moreover, a resounding 90% believe in their employers' obligation to safeguard their health during international assignments.


Evolving Employee-Mindset: Active Health Engagement.

Sheldon Kenton, the managing director of Bupa Global, articulates this evolving scenario aptly, noting the paradigm shift in employee attitudes. "Employees are becoming increasingly engaged with their own health and wellbeing, and are calling on their employers to take an active role in it too," Kenton asserts. This shift underlines the growing alliance between expats and employers in fostering a culture of holistic wellbeing.


Holistic Coverage for Expats: Illuminating the Path Forward.

Recognizing the essence of quality medical insurance transcends geographic borders. Fiduciary Wealth is committed to extending this protection to expats, ensuring their comprehensive wellbeing remains unassailable. Irrespective of the expat's purpose, be it professional commitments or retirement dreams, access to superior healthcare assumes paramount importance.


Empowering Your Health and Wealth: The Fiduciary Wealth Advantage.

Beyond IPMI, a spectrum of insurance solutions stands ready to embrace expats and their families, providing a robust shield against the realm of "what-ifs." Among these, the spotlight falls on expat life insurance — an integral facet of our offerings at Fiduciary Wealth. We are able to offer a bespoke expat life insurance policy with an array of benefits including reduced tax liabilities, exemption from Portuguese Stamp Duty and freedom from inheritance tax or gift taxes underscore the value of this exceptional Portuguese expat life insurance solution.


Empowering Employers: Navigating Comprehensive Protection.

For UK employers, the journey to protect their valued workforce is paved with tailored solutions. Fiduciary Wealth’s expert guidance extends to group private medical insurance and a spectrum of business-centric products, enabling employers to strengthen their employee security and financial resilience.


Seize Your Insurance: Illuminate the Way Ahead.

In a world brimming with uncertainties, your expat journey deserves unwavering protection. Step into the realm of comprehensive insurance solutions with Fiduciary Wealth. Our seasoned advisors stand ready to sculpt strategies that intertwine your health and wealth aspirations, ensuring you traverse uncharted territories with unwavering confidence.


Your journey is personal and we stand ready to accompany you on this transformative adventure. Elevate Your Expat Experience: Connect with Us Today.

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