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What's in a name?

March 14, 2019

Fiduciary, difficult to say sometimes but what does the name actually mean? Well the dictionary defines Fiduciary as ..”a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another” or “of, based on or in the nature of trust and confidence.”

Powerful words and if we may say so very appropriate. You see Fiduciary Wealth offers a refreshing to financial services as a values driven company that puts ethics and integrity at the forefront of everything it does.

Don’t get me wrong we want your business and our financial consultants will fight hard to get it but what we will offer you is a refreshingly ethical approach to wealth management where your interests are paramount because strangely enough we believe in the concept of win-win. We want to set ourselves apart from a financial services culture where the attitude is take as much as you can and don’t worry too much or at all about what might happen in the future. You see we have a long term vision of how a proper client-adviser relationship works in all aspects of pensions and investments planning.

So what are these values?

We will only recommend services and products to our prospective clients where we believe that these are provided by reputable companies at a reasonable cost. We will only recommend products from companies that can demonstrate an acceptable standard of administration and on-going support and care.

All prospective clients will be provided with clear information and will be kept appropriately informed throughout the entire sales process and beyond.

All prospective clients can expect to receive suitable and appropriate advice regarding their wealth management needs that fully takes account of their circumstances. All recommendations and letters of advice will be made using the “four eyes principle” where a Director or Manager will review and countersign to comply with regulatory requirements and good business practice.

Prospective clients will be provided with written confirmation of any fees and commissions in respect of the financial advice services we provide and recommendations that we make. We will never set out to be the cheapest provider in the market place nor will we be the most expensive. We believe in setting a fee structure which benefits both the firm and the customer and encourages a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Post sale customers can expect the same standard of service and ongoing commitment from all departments within our organisation.

Does that sound interesting to you? Why not ask your current financial advisers whether they have a written set of values? In a perfect world we guess we would all like the Fiduciary approach but it doesn’t always work out like that. Why not put us to the test and see if you can put your trust and confidence in us. Like we said at the beginning, what’s in a name?

To speak to a certified financial planner telephone 900 102 374 or email enquiries@fiduciarywealth.gi.