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The Board

The Board of Fiduciary Wealth Management Limited serves as the primary decision-making authority for matters of strategic, financial, risk, regulatory, and reputational significance. It maintains accountability to our shareholders, focusing on the creation and delivery of sustainable long-term value.

Paul Correa serves as the Chairman of the Board, and our core objectives revolve around upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and cultural integrity, aligned with our fundamental principles of Integrity, Good Conduct, Appropriate Behaviour, and Transparency.

In order to effectively execute their respective duties and responsibilities, Board members undergo regular evaluations to ensure a well-rounded mix of skills, experience, independence, and industry knowledge.

The Board is charged with assessing the company's culture, good conduct, and appropriate behaviour. This includes:

  • Ensuring open and transparent communication with all relevant stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and regulators.
  • Providing a channel for staff members to raise concerns with senior management and the Board.
  • Vigilantly addressing issues related to independence and conflicts of interest, ensuring they are appropriately managed.
  • Deliberating conflicts of interest and taking necessary actions to resolve them.
  • Ensuring that the Board is promptly informed when a Board Member believes their concerns cannot be resolved.

Our Board comprises 2 Executive Directors and 1 Non-Executive Director, with a gender composition of 2 males and 1 female.

Other directorships held: Executive Directors – 0; Non-Executive Director – 19.

Regular meetings of the Board, a minimum of four times per calendar year, are held to address any specific needs promptly. Additionally, the Board assumes the responsibility of establishing and addressing the firm's risk indicators, risk factors, and risk tolerance & appetite, as we do not maintain a separate risk committee.

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