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Optimizing your Employee Benefits with Fiduciary Wealth: We are able to offer businesses operating internationally as well as corporates relocating overseas an extensive range of employer benefits to help them attract and retain talented employees.

We are also able to help expats like yourself whether you are an expat retiree, expatriate entrepreneur or an internationally mobile executive or senior management working in the Energy, Telecom, Pharma, Shipping or I.T. sector with a range of employee benefits.

These are some of the employee perks we can offer you:

  • Group/Individual Pension Schemes
  • Group Death-In-Service & Critical Illness
  • Group/Individual Income Protection
  • Group/Individual Private Medical Insurance
  • Individual Life Cover & Critical Illness
  • Shareholders & Keyman Protection

Frequently Asked Questions about an employee assistance program and employee benefits for British Expats executives abroad.

For British expats working abroad, navigating the complex landscape of employee benefits is essential for ensuring comprehensive coverage and financial security.

This FAQ aims to address common questions and concerns regarding employee benefits for British expats.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand global employer and employee benefit plans:

What are employee benefit plans?

Global employer and employee benefit plans are comprehensive packages of benefits and services provided by employers to their expatriate employees working outside their home country. These plans are designed to address the unique needs of expats, including healthcare coverage, retirement savings, insurance, and other employee benefits.

What benefits are typically included in employee assistance programs?

Employee benefits plans can vary depending on the employer and the specific needs of expat employees. However, common benefits may include:

International health insurance: Comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and healthcare services while working abroad.

Retirement savings plans: Pension schemes or retirement savings options to help expats build financial security for their future.

Life and disability insurance: Protection against unforeseen circumstances such as illness, disability, or loss of life.

Emergency evacuation and repatriation: Assistance and coverage for medical emergencies requiring evacuation or repatriation to the home country.

Employee assistance programs: Counselling services, mental health support, and resources to help expats navigate challenges and adjust to their new environment.

Tax and financial planning: Guidance and resources to help expats understand and manage their tax obligations and financial matters.

How do employee assistance programs differ from domestic benefit plans?

Employee benefits plans are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of expats working internationally. Unlike domestic benefit plans, they take into account factors such as international healthcare, cross-border taxation, currency exchange, and the diverse legal and regulatory frameworks of different countries. Employee benefits plans aim to provide comprehensive coverage and support for expats, considering their specific challenges and requirements while working and living abroad.

What are the advantages of implementing an employee benefits package for employers and expat employees?

Employers and expat employees can benefit from employee assistance programs in several ways:

Attract and Retain Talent: Offering competitive benefit packages can help employers attract and retain top talent in their international operations.

Comprehensive Coverage: Global benefit plans provide expat employees with access to essential healthcare services, financial protection, and support tailored to their international lifestyle.

Compliance and Risk Management: Implementing global benefit plans ensures compliance with local regulations, mitigates risks, and helps employers fulfil their duty of care towards expat employees.

Peace of Mind: Expats can have peace of mind knowing that their health, financial, and well-being needs are addressed through comprehensive benefits, even when working far from home.

Support during Transitions: Global benefit plans often include services to help expats navigate cultural, language, and logistical challenges, facilitating a smooth transition to their new location.

Can expats choose their own benefit options within a global benefit plan?

The extent of flexibility for expats to choose benefit options may vary depending on the employer's policies and the specific global benefit plan in place. Some employers may offer a range of benefit options that allow expats to customize their coverage based on their individual needs. However, certain core benefits such as international health insurance and emergency evacuation are typically standardized to ensure adequate protection for expats.

How do employers select the right employee assistance program for their expat employees?

Selecting the right benefit plans requires careful consideration of several factors:

Needs Assessment: Employers should assess the unique needs of their expat employees, considering factors such as destination countries, local healthcare systems, regulatory requirements, and employee demographics.

Provider Evaluation: Research and evaluate reputable employee benefits plan providers with experience in serving the needs of expat employees. Consider their expertise, range of services, network coverage, customer reviews, and track record in delivering employee perks.

Plan Customization: Look for providers that offer flexibility in tailoring employee benefits plans to align with the specific requirements of your expat workforce.

Compliance and Risk Management: Ensure that the selected provider has a solid understanding of international regulations and can assist with compliance and risk management aspects related to global benefit plans.

Cost-Effectiveness: Evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness of the plans by considering the coverage provided, premiums, deductibles, and additional services offered.

Customer Support: Choose a provider that offers excellent customer support, including assistance with claims, enrolment, and ongoing plan management.

How can expat employees make the most of their employee benefits package?

To maximize the benefits of their employee benefits plans, expat employees should:

Understand their Coverage: Familiarize themselves with the details of their benefit plans, including in-network healthcare providers, coverage limits, and any exclusions or restrictions.

Seek Guidance: Consult with the plan provider or designated contacts to clarify any questions or concerns regarding coverage, claims procedures, or accessing healthcare services abroad.

Maintain Communication: Keep the plan provider informed about any changes in personal details, such as contact information or family composition, to ensure accurate and up-to-date coverage.

Utilize Additional Services: Take advantage of the additional support services offered through the employee benefits plans, such as employee assistance programs, financial planning resources, or wellness initiatives.

Stay Informed: Stay updated on any changes or updates to the benefit plans and communicate with the employer or plan provider regarding any evolving needs or concerns.

How can employers ensure a smooth implementation and administration of employee benefits?

Employers can take the following steps to ensure a smooth implementation and administration of employee benefit plans:

Clearly Communicate: Provide comprehensive information to expat employees about the benefit plans, including coverage details, enrolment procedures, and any necessary forms or documentation.

Offer Education and Support: Conduct employee education sessions or provide informational materials to help expats understand their employee benefits options, coverage limitations, and how to access services.

Streamline Processes: Implement efficient processes for enrolment, claims management, and ongoing plan administration, considering technology solutions or dedicated support teams if necessary.

Regular Review: Regularly review the employee benefits plans in collaboration with the provider to ensure they remain aligned with the evolving needs of expat employees and comply with changing regulations.

Seek Feedback: Encourage feedback from expat employees regarding their experiences with the benefit plans and address any concerns or suggestions for improvement.

By implementing comprehensive global employer and employee benefit plans, employers can support their expat employees with essential coverage and services, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind while working abroad. Expats can take advantage of these plans to access necessary healthcare, financial protection, and support, enabling them to focus on their professional endeavours and enjoy a rewarding international experience.


In conclusion, when it comes to navigating the complexities of employee benefits, it is crucial for British expats to seek the guidance and expertise of professionals or experts in the field. By seeking the expertise of professionals, you can ensure that you have the right coverage and support to fully leverage the benefits offered by your employer while working and living abroad.

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