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While Monaco and Switzerland are excellent choices for those seeking a lavish lifestyle, Gibraltar is best suited to you if you seek a more discreet alternative with lower entry requirements. With an attractive new fiscal regime, including compelling tax and estate planning benefits, Gibraltar is fast becoming the favoured jurisdiction for wealthy private individuals and businesses looking to reduce their overall personal or corporate tax liability in a perfectly legitimate way.

Located at the southern tip of Europe with spectacular views across the straits to Africa, Gibraltar is a self-governing British overseas territory where English law, language and currency prevail. Gibraltar is a politically stable country with a business-friendly culture that offers you a high quality of life, top-notch security, an excellent education system, and access to all types of sports and leisure activities.

Greater tax transparency has put an end, once and for all, to offshore financial centres with no reporting. With Common Reporting Standards (CRS) being almost universally adopted tax mitigation through cross-border tax planning is the only effective way of protecting your wealth and minimizing your tax burden from an over-zealous tax man.

With tax authorities collaborating and freely exchanging tax information on a cross-border basis there is no place for you to hide. We expect tax recoverable from tax evasion to continue to rise. The solution of course is to legitimately establish your tax residency in a country with a benign tax environment that has a favourable climate and offers a good lifestyle. Gibraltar could just be the answer for you.

Based in the heart of Gibraltar, we provide a “one stop shop” when it comes to securing Gibraltar Residency and expats like you can relax knowing that all their financial needs, residency, investments, retirement planning, property search and insurance are all taken care of under the same roof.

Gibraltar offers compelling tax advantages to expats relocating.

  • No Inheritance Tax
  • No Wealth Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Value Added Tax
  • No tax on Savings Interest
  • No tax on Dividends (from companies on a recognised Stock Exchange)
  • 2.5% flat rate of income tax on QROPS and QNUPS pensions in drawdown.

Whether you derive your income from employment or have passive income from your savings and investments our relocation experts are able to advise you on the best option when it comes to choosing your residency scheme. We advise individuals from Britain, the EU and beyond as well as companies and their employees looking either to establish a base in Gibraltar or recruit from outside the local market.

As well as helping expats who wish to reside permanently in Gibraltar our team also has considerable expertise in assisting cross-border workers and those expats who wish to have a second home in Spain as well as live in Gibraltar. It is extremely important that you are tax compliant in both jurisdictions and expert guidance is essential.

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