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Expert Services for You and Your Clients

Fiduciary Wealth offers a comprehensive range of professional services to third party providers such as Trustees, Pension Funds, Foundations, Family Offices, Tax advisers and Legal and Accountancy Practices as well as to individuals who may be seeking an expert second opinion regarding their finances.

This valuable fee based service uses our wide ranging experience and in house expertise to assist in a number of areas from portfolio analysis to financial dispute resolution.

Portfolio Analysis Reports

In the financial world risk is everywhere, get something wrong and there is always an injured party looking to seek recompense. Our portfolio risk management service is the perfect solution for corporate service providers, Trustees and Foundation Councils who have a legal obligation to ensure that they are always acting in the best interests of their clients and beneficiaries. Too often we have seen these professionals rely heavily on a favoured provider to implement and maintain investment portfolios which might only be questioned when things start to go wrong or when beneficiaries begin to seek answers about performance or risk.

Wouldn’t it make sense for complete peace of mind to use our portfolio risk management service?

Let our independent analysts review the portfolios you maintain on behalf of your clients and provide an in depth report assessing performance against the benchmarks that have been set and a number of important key investment metrics such as skewness, value at risk and Sharpe ratios.

This bespoke service extends well beyond just a review of established portfolios and can include:

  • Defining the family’s needs and Investment Objectives.
  • Client Risk Profiling and Suitability Assessment.
  • Designing and/or Reviewing of Investment Policy Statement.
  • Establishing Performance Benchmarks.
  • Asset Allocation Modelling.
  • Beauty Parade and Investment Manager Selection.
  • Portfolio Performance Monitoring.
  • Fee Negotiation and Agreement.
  • Second Opinion and reviewing investment proposals.
  • Quarterly performance reviews against appropriate benchmarks
  • Private Client Reporting: presenting a consolidated global snapshot of family global wealth
  • Acting as Protectors.

Second Opinion

Everyone these days wants a second opinion especially when market conditions are challenging and volatile. A second opinion can solidify your strategy and eliminate doubt. Even when you get regular advice from an experienced professional you can often benefit from a second opinion.

Perhaps you are concerned that your portfolio is too risky or that your plans have changed and yet your portfolio has stayed the same? Maybe your adviser has been less proactive than you expected or perhaps your bank or financial advice firm is no longer available or cannot provide the level of service you need.

Whatever your circumstances it can pay to take advantage of a thorough review so that you can be comfortable that yours or your clients’ plans are on track. You can book a second opinion consultation by calling +44 207998 0570.

Financial Dispute Resolution

When things go wrong you look for answers and accountability. You or your clients may have been missold a financial product or investment or may just have been given really poor advice which is out of sync with initial requirements. Unfortunately no matter how careful you are it is sometimes impossible to eliminate this type of risk and some of the bad practices that still exist within this industry particularly in the expatriate space.

When trouble happens you need to act quickly. Our dispute resolution service is based on years of experience understanding what regulators require and the minimum standards advisers should adhere to. We have seen many examples of bad practice and can help you put together a case that can be presented first to the firm that gave the original advice and then to regulators, arbitrators and lawyers depending on the process needed.

We will forensically examine the process that led to the advice being given in the first place and piece together the sequence of events leading to the loss. We understand the jargon and can help cut through the delays and obstacles often put up by firms to avoid meeting their responsibilities to their clients.

Over the years our service has been extremely successful in obtaining financial compensation for clients who have been badly advised and suffered financial loss.

Expert Witness

Legal professionals quite often need to engage the services of an expert witness to provide valuable information to a Court when there is an unresolved dispute between parties. Our team of experts are extremely capable of analysing and reviewing material with an aim to producing an independent assessment capable of being used in a court of law. If necessary our experts are prepared to take the stand in court.

Financial Planning Audit Reports/Investment Analysis Reports

Our team of professionals will take your instructions and produce a high quality report based on your requirements. Audit reports and investment analysis reporting are just two of the areas we cover but essentially whenever a professional independent report is required on any aspect of financial planning or investment then our team are able to produce the required analysis within the specified time frame.

What Next?

To engage our professional services ask us for a quote. We work on a time basis similar to our friends in the legal and accountancy profession and our costs will depend on the complexity of the work undertaken, the level of expertise required and the length of time it will take to produce the desired outcome.

Call on +44 207 998 0570 for more information and we will be very pleased to assist.