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Let our experts manage your investments for you

We are able to manage your investments for you in line with your wishes on a managed advisory basis.

This means that whilst we are driving the management and advice; the ultimate decision in terms of choosing what investments to buy or sell, how much to invest and when to do so; always rests with you. This leaves you more time to enjoy your expat life, safe in the knowledge, that your investments are in good hands.

We believe your investment needs can only be properly met when they are understood; it is only then that the process of constructing a bespoke investment portfolio begins. Our dedicated investment managers, with many years of investment experience and in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, are at hand to help you choose the right mix of financial assets and construct an investment portfolio which balances investment risk and investment return to maximize income or growth in line with your investment risk profile.

Our Investment Philosophy

At the heart of our business are the robust personal relationships we have built with our investment clients often over successive generations. As trusted advisers we always act in your best interests. By developing a deeper understanding of your investment goals and expectations we are able to tailor a service to the long-term management of your family wealth.

Clients value our investment advice because we are able to offer advice which is objective, impartial and tailored to support your investment goals.

Our portfolio management process does not end with the construction of an investment portfolio. We provide high quality advice on a proactive basis delivering added value by constantly monitoring your investments to capitalize on the potential investment opportunities as well as anticipating and reducing the inherent portfolio risks.

Clients like you come to us for investment advice because we have earned a reputation for combining high quality technical investment expertise with commercial pragmatism alongside the positive benefits of continuity and close personal interest which characterise a wealth management practice.

Why Us?

  • A highly tailored and sophisticated managed investment advisory service.
  • Team focused on developing strategies to preserve and grow your wealth on a long-term basis.
  • Benefit from our expertise in market research, portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management.
  • Believe that managing risk is at the heart of growing your wealth in real terms over the long term.
  • Proactive approach to investment management reviewing your portfolios continually to ensure these reflect our latest investment research in accordance with your risk tolerance and return expectations.

Talk to Us

Speak directly to an investment advisor about our portfolio management services. Experts in providing investment advice within the offshore wealth management space to expatriates.

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