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Specialist advice on how to structure your finances tax efficiently

It is quite common for UK and foreign nationals like you who move abroad to keep your financial affairs tax efficient from a UK or home country perspective but ignore the tax consequences in your new country of residence.

We understand that when you are faced with the complexities of a foreign tax regime and the added complication of potentially remaining liable to UK or home country inheritance tax it's sometimes easier to convince oneself that it doesn’t affect you.

It's easier to pretend you are still tax resident in your home country to avoid dealing with the issue however this could have serious tax consequences further down the line, particularly since the implementation of Common Reporting Standards, when global automatic exchange of information has become the norm.

Expatriates like you often underestimate the importance of seeking professional cross-border tax planning advice and putting in place tax planning strategies which either mitigate tax or avoid paying tax needlessly. The reality is that the more tax you pay, the harder your investments need to work, to produce the same level of returns.

The real value of our tax planning service is that we can save you and your estate a significant amount of money, either now or in the future, in order that, at some point, you can pass this on to your loved ones.

Fiduciary Wealth provides specialist advice combining our asset management capability with careful tax planning to provide an integrated and seamless wealth management service. As cross-border financial planning experts we have a deep level of understanding of the differences and interaction between the UK tax system and that in your new country of residence; enabling us to provide invaluable tax advice on how to make considerable tax savings.

Whilst we are not tax advisers per se we have an excellent understanding of cross-border tax planning issues and are able to deliver a tailored solution. Where detailed tax advice is required through the MGI Worldwide Network - we can put you in touch with trusted professional tax advisers in every continent across the globe to ensure your angles are covered.

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Speak directly to an expat tax planning expert about your offshore tax planning needs including how to save tax. We are able to help you make tax saving investments and more importantly give you expat tax advice.

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